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Bow thruster

Bow thruster is extremely useful during port maneuvers. It greatly facilitates mooring and outflow maneuvers, especially in tight, crowded ports. The intuitive bow thruster has a significant impact on helmsman comfort and crew safety.

Self-tacking jib

Antila 33 yacht cruise in our enriched version gives you the opportunity to choose the type of jib – typical jib requiring crew involvement or self-tacking jib, also called self-reversing. This sail, mounted on a rail, is almost maintenance-free, during returns it automatically repositions itself from side to side, which makes sailing much easier.



The yacht has three closed double cabins – two aft and one bow. Each of them is equipped with a vestibule, a spacious wardrobe and full-size berths. If there are more people in the crew, you can easily unfold two double berths in the living room.

Modern Electric winch

The high-class electric winch makes it much easier to step the mast, raise the centerboard and select the halyard. You will appreciate its invaluable possibilities especially in strong winds.


To increase the comfort of being on board during rain or harsh sun, we have placed a sprayhood and bimini on the yacht, covered with high-quality waterproof and UV-resistant material, which makes Antili 33 charter even more pleasant. Bimini folds out very quickly and easily.


In the evening and at night, communication around the yacht is facilitated by the lighting used. The Antila 33 cockpit is illuminated by several points of light, which significantly affects safety and creates a pleasant climate. In addition, the interior of the yacht is illuminated by LED strips in the living room on the ceiling and lamps in each cabin.


The yachts have a TV with the option of playing movies, and the TV sockets are discharged outside, thanks to which you can put the pen drive in an easily accessible input. In addition, listening to the radio or music from a CD or MP3 player will make sailing more pleasant. The sound system was also taken care of – on the yacht you will find several speakers, also external.


Easy to use, easily accessible deck washer will help keep the boat clean. The hose is long and located at the stern, it draws water from the lake. Please wash the deck with water only and scrub with a rice brush without using environmentally harmful chemical cleaners.

Pneumatic (Self-inflating) life vests

Crew safety above all! There must be life vests on every yacht, it’s obvious, but we’ve equipped our Antile 33 with very comfortable, lightweight pneumatic vests. Vests inflate automatically after contact with water or by manual activation. After using the vest, the CO2 cartridge should be replaced, spare cartridges are on the yacht.

Electronic chartplotter and anemometer

By chartering a yacht in our company, you will not be condemned only to a traditional, paper map. We equipped Antila 33 with an electronic chartplotter with anemometer. It will support you for instance in precise route planning, it will indicate depth as well as wind strength and direction.


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