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For seniors and the disabled

Large gangway

The yacht has a large, foldable gangway connecting the yacht’s cockpit with the platform to which it has been moored. The gangway enables comfortable and safe wheelchair access to the yacht and, what is important, there is no threshold hindering communication. The gangway connects seamlessly to the floor, so a person in a wheelchair can get on and off the yacht independently and in a comfortable way. In addition, the sides of the gangway are equipped with side protection bands.

Access to the cockpit bench

In the central stern part of the cockpit there is enough space for a wheelchair user to get to the cockpit bench and take the helm there with the help of a guardian or alone. To gain even more space it is possible to disassemble the cockpit table and it is done in a very easy and quick way.

Foldable steering wheels

On our yachts, steering wheel columns were placed in the lateral zones of the cockpit, thanks to which more space was gained in the central part. In addition, the steering wheels can be folded down for the duration of movement of a person in a wheelchair, which significantly increases the amount of space in the cockpit.


Cockpit benches are equipped with seat belts for safe navigation. They will be useful during large heels, they can also be used by people with reduced mobility who will be safer on the yacht.

Self-tacking jib

Antila 33 yacht cruise in our enriched version gives you the opportunity to choose the type of jib – typical jib requiring crew involvement or self-tacking jib, also called self-reversing. This sail, mounted on a rail, is almost maintenance-free, during returns it automatically repositions itself from side to side, which makes sailing much easier.

Easy access to winches

The yacht is equipped with four sheet winches available from virtually anywhere in the cockpit. This gives you the option of operating the sails without having to move to the deck.

Halyards in the cockpit

To reduce the need to navigate the deck, all halyards were brought to the cockpit, thanks to which most operations can be performed from one place.


With a stronger wind, for safety, you can quickly reduce the surface of the sails. The mainsail can be reefed in a few seconds with one rope, and the jib is equipped with a jib roller that allows you to quickly change the size of the sail surface.

Bow thruster

Bow thruster is extremely useful during port maneuvers. It greatly facilitates mooring and outflow maneuvers, especially in tight, crowded ports. The intuitive bow thruster has a significant impact on helmsman comfort and crew safety.

Pneumatic (Self-inflating) life vests

Crew safety above all! There must be life vests on every yacht, it’s obvious, but we’ve equipped our Antile 33 with very comfortable, lightweight pneumatic vests. Vests inflate automatically after contact with water or by manual activation. After using the vest, the CO2 cartridge should be replaced, spare cartridges are on the yacht.


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