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Regatta equipment

Membrane sails

The yachts we rent have modern membrane sails. Material density, shape and its reinforcements have been selected individually so that their work the most efficient.

High mast and square top

To obtain a large sail area, the mast on the yacht is 12.4 m high and the boom around 4m. In addition, the top of the yacht’s mainsail has been widened (square top), which allowed to achieve even greater sail area, and it is known that a larger sail gives the opportunity to develop larger, in this case very impressive speeds.

Large surface foresail

As a standard, we offer yacht Antila 33 charter with self-tacking jib, which facilitates navigation, but its area is smaller than that of a typical jib. Therefore, for fast regatta sailing we have foreseen the possibility of exchanging this sail for a large surface jib (26m), which allows the development of higher speeds.

Additional Code Zero sail

In our version of the Antila 33 yacht, it is possible to put on a Code Zero sail with an area of ​​50.9 m2, which significantly increases the speed of the yacht, especially on a steep course. Code Zero allows you to sail even in such weak winds, when there is a temptation to turn on the engine.

High class rigging

The yacht uses high-class rigging made of materials with appropriate parameters so that the ropes do not stretch excessively, which reduces the risk of uncontrolled change of sail setting.

Foldable propeller

During regatta sailing, only sails are used, and the stationary propeller immersed in water gives considerable resistance. Therefore, the propeller on the yachts we rent have the option of being folded. The shape of the propeller when folded also prevents seaweed from settling or the ropes from entangling on the propeller.

Clean bottom of the yacht

The bottom of the yacht has been covered with anti-fouling paint, protecting the hull against the deposition of lichen, and a clean hull in the underwater part also has a great impact on the speed of navigation.

Grills on bow thruster holes

When sailing, there is a lot of resistance to the thrust holes, which are not needed when sailing on the lake. Therefore, when preparing for racing, you can cover the thruster holes on the yacht using special grilles. To do this, it is necessary to remove the yacht from the water.

Electronic chartplotter and anemometer

By chartering a yacht in our company, you will not be condemned only to a traditional, paper map. We equipped Antila 33 with an electronic chartplotter with anemometer. It will support you for instance in precise route planning, it will indicate depth as well as wind strength and direction.

Modern Electric winch

The high-class electric winch makes it much easier to step the mast, raise the centerboard and select the halyard. You will appreciate its invaluable possibilities especially in strong winds.

Pneumatic (Self-inflating) life vests

Crew safety above all! There must be life vests on every yacht, it’s obvious, but we’ve equipped our Antile 33 with very comfortable, lightweight pneumatic vests. Vests inflate automatically after contact with water or by manual activation. After using the vest, the CO2 cartridge should be replaced, spare cartridges are on the yacht.


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